Monitor XXL is a referential shielded "loudspeaker" cable determined for quality distribution of the signal
among interconnecting audio network components and loudspeakers. Monitor XXL's geometry defines the
cable not being a direct one so it is possible to link to the audio system with any limitation.

For practical and mainly esthetical point of view we recommend both cables of the pair (always notes of
the type's indication to the source of the signal- e.g. CD player).

Monitor XXL is produced from the top quality materials and components. Conductors of the cable
Monitor XXL are made from OFHC with very high purity and general cross-section corresponding AWG 2,5.
Geometry of the cable Monitor XXL is thoroughly defined by the technology N.S.I.C.™ (Near Stand
Interference Cross Pinch). In its consequences the greater increase of audio transfer characteristics,
above all in the area 40-80 Hz and 160-320Hz. Isolation among conductors, dielectric including, is
accurate combination of PTFE/PE.

The production of the cable Monitor XXL (from very beginning till the very end) is CABLE 4 YOU standardly
and only made by hand!

Monitor XXL is recommended into the top high-end level of audio systems. All the positive characteristics
optimally excel in this connection. Monitor XXL is always made in pairs as a ready-made set of a length of
c. 8,2 ft and it is delivered in a luxury aluminous package with transport handrail.
CABLE4YOU MonitorXXL CABLE4YOU MonitorXXL CABLE4YOU MonitorXXL click on an image to see the enlarged version.